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Entertainment – – The Artist who sends out the contents filled with creativity and the fans and users that receive it. We think that, that kind of relationship will always be constant. This 10 years, because of the widespread of internet and smartphones, Entertainment has drastically changed. An artist can use the latest communication tools to send his or her content to the world in a free manner without belonging to a company or label for management. On the other hand, there are risks that will occur due to the distance now being so close, more than ever, creating new issue and problems between he artist and the receivers. We think, an “ideal platform” for the artist to be able to concentrate on making and the user to receive safely is something that is essential for the future of entertainment.

What can we do, how can we support the artists living through the world of entertainment, to be active safely and make a valued piece and spread it to lots of people? We as an agent, solution company, would like to become the bridge to bring the artists, corporations and customers together, thus making a movement around the world. That is the mission and wish of BCS.